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Glutathione in Yeast (1)
- Sep 06, 2018 -

The Glutathione is the ultifunctional peptide in yeast. It is a type of antioxidant that can protect the sulfydryl and hemoglobin from being destroyed by oxidant. It can clean up the free radical and polluted environment in the body, and improve the health. Glutathione also have the function of protecting the immune system and detoxification. Salimincn and Vinko reported that the GSH percentage of rat is increased after 3 weeks’ endurance training. It was also reported that, after practicing, the GSH in muscle will increase by 50%. The hemoglobin and oxidation resistance will be increased too. When sportsmen have the best performance, hemoglobin are all over 15g. Therefore, the hemoglobin content is the most important indicator to sportsmen. GSH can improve one's physical power. It is the food that can provide health and vitality.


(Looked from the process of talking about the function of GSH in this article, good sportsmen in the world are perhaps from people who usually eat yeast. Long distance race, football, basket ball, and other sports, etc. Asiatic, especially Chinese don’t usually eat food fermented by yeast, but eat more dietary alkali, soda powder, and baking powder. This may be the reason why we are not good at those sports which require good endurance.) It’s just my interesting personal analysis for reference.

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Sep.06, 2018