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Focus on Feed Yeast
- Oct 24, 2018 -

vacuumed packed active dry yeastYeast, a major production strain in the traditional food brewing industry, has become the most attractive microbial cell factory for modern biological feed.This kind of single-cell eukaryotic microorganism, whose cells and cell contents, such as proteins, amino acids, polysaccharides, organic acids, nucleic acids, vitamins and other active substances, can participate in the green production of biological feed.

Nowadays, the structural shortage pressure of feed protein is the main bottleneck that restricts the development of animal husbandry in our country.The state has also attached more importance to exploiting new feed protein resources by means of biological fermentation technology and improving the protein content and nutritional value of existing feed resources.

In the recently held the first China biological feed science and technology conference, a researcher at the Chinese academy of sciences institute of microbiology aoj embellish said, a yeast is a kind of wide sources, low price and amino acid of single cell protein, protein content more than 45%, and is rich in biology necessary for a variety of vitamins and trace elements.

While actively promoting the development of technology, the country should also pay attention to the research on biosafety evaluation of feeding microorganisms, and avoid the possible risks of new feeding microorganisms with application potential to human health and ecological environment.

Oct.24, 2018

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