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Features of Yeast Two-hybrid
- Dec 05, 2018 -

The main applications of yeast two-hybrid systems are rapid and direct analysis of the interactions between known proteins and the separation of novel ligands and their coding genes that interact with known proteins.After fusion gene expression, transfection signal is given to reconstruct the role of transcription factors in cells, eliminating the cumbersome steps of protein purification.The test is conducted in living cells and can to some extent represent the real situation within the cell.The results of the test can be the cumulative effect of gene expression products, so can be detected in the presence of weak or temporary interaction between proteins.Yeast double hybridization system can use different tissues, organs, cell types and differentiation period materials to build cDNA library, can analyze cytoplasm, nucleus and membrane binding proteins and other different subcellular parts and functions of proteins.For example, interactions between RAP1 and RIF1ii, P21cip1 and CDK2iii, p16 and CDK4iv have been successfully analyzed.


Dec.05, 2018


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