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Effect of Yeast to Shrimp
- Oct 24, 2018 -

Feed Yeast for ShrimpCommunicate with farmers about the following plans according to water quality and feeding amount:

1. Increase the feeding amount, and suggest that the customer adjust to 5 catties * 2 meals per meal;

2. Use active yeast half packet + 1 catty of lactobacillus king with 2 meals a day, and claim to accompany them all the way up to 40;

During the return visit on April 14, the prawns of boss luo grew to 4.7cm, and the intestines were significantly thickened. The customers reported that the food was quick, and the water color was kept light and tan, with a transparency of 20cm.Water quality objectives: pH8.2(10:00), ammonia nitrogen 0, nitrite 0.

The research provides excellent clues.For example, human genes related to non-polypoid colorectal cancer are highly homologous with MLH1 and MSH2 genes of yeast, TEL1 gene of mot and yeast, and SGS1 gene of blum's syndrome and yeast (see table 2).The genetic non-polypoid colorectal cancer gene showed short nucleotide repeat order unstable cell phenotype in tumor cells, and before the human gene was cloned, researchers isolated gene mutations with the same phenotype in yeast (msh2 and mlh1 mutations).This result led to speculation that the colorectal cancer gene was a homologous gene of MSH2 and MLH1, and their homology on nucleotide sequences further confirmed this hypothesis.

Oct.24, 2018

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