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Difference Between Bread Yeast and Steamed Bread
- Nov 29, 2018 -


1. The yeast used in toaster or handmade bread is generally resistant to high sugar

2. The yeast used in bread can also have good activity in the high sugar environment

3, steamed bread used by the yeast, yeast activity will be reduced a lot

Fresh yeast is used as a leavening agent to make bread and various kinds of steamed bread and cakes. Making bread by yeast fermentation not only tastes good, but also has an increase in nutrients. However, for dough containing more oil and sugar, yeast fermentation often fails to reach the requirements of loose, because oil and sugar have an inhibitory effect on yeast reproduction. In addition, it takes time to ferment dough with yeast. For this reason, when the family makes bread, steamed bread, also often choose chemical baking powder. Chemical baking powder is a white powder. It is a mixture of several chemicals. There are many kinds of baking powder, such as sodium bicarbonate [baking soda], potassium hydrogen tartrate and calcium hydrogen phosphate. When the baking powder is kneaded into the dough, when heated, a chemical reaction occurs that produces a large amount of carbon dioxide gas, making the food porous and loose.


Nov.26, 2018



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