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Determine the Upper Limit of Yeast’s Gene Replication
- Nov 13, 2018 -

Researchers at okayama university and tohoku university in Japan used an ingenious method to determine the maximum number of copies of all the genes in yeast.

The team used yeast, which has about 6,000 genes, to investigate the upper limit of the number of copies of all its genes, which means that the number of copies made can cause cell death.The results showed that more than 80 percent of the genes were duplicated more than 100 times, and the yeast cells were still functioning normally.However, 115 genes that replicate only a few times can cause yeast to die.Most of these genes are related to basic functions such as intracellular transport and cytoskeleton, and some are related to the production of intracellular proteins or protein complexes.The team argues that these genes, duplicated several times over, result in unnecessarily large amounts of synthetic or decomposed proteins, placing a burden on the cells, severely disrupting the balance in yeast, and causing yeast to die.

Nov.13, 2018

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