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Beer Yeast powder and beauty
- Jul 25, 2018 -

Beautiful skin from the "nurture" of nutrition, otherwise it will decline prematurely. As the experts said, "70% in tune, 30% of the outside help." Only from the improvement of nutrition, improve the skin growth and development of the internal environment to start, can thoroughly beautify the skin, rejuvenate the vitality of youth.

Nutrition and beauty are closely related. Protein is the material basis of life, collagen is the main component of the skin of the human body, elastin determines the elasticity of human muscles, the body of a variety of hormones without protein can not be generated, therefore, the intake of sufficient protein will help increase the elasticity of the facial muscles, reduce face deformation (one of the characteristics of aging),

Increase the luster of the skin, maintain the health of the skin.

Minerals and beauty also have a close relationship, such as: Selenium is antioxidant, it and vitamin E complement each other, maintenance of youth maintenance beauty; Iron is the composition of heme, myoglobin, can restore the skin "beautiful rosy."

B vitamins, can maintain the elasticity of blood vessels, and thus assist the normal operation of circulation, maintain skin health, increase skin elasticity, prevent skin aging. Beer yeast powder contains high quality protein, B vitamins, minerals and other rich nutrients, can help us to achieve by the internal culture outside the beauty of plastic body effect.