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Baker's Yeast Flavoring
- Jul 10, 2018 -

Another types is the purpose of the baker's yeast flavoring, yeast principle, the principle is the use of yeast rich in 48 to 50% protein, nucleic acid of 8-10%, by the yeast autolysis and the enzymatic hydrolysis and aqueous solution of amino acids and nucleotides, condensed into a paste or via spray drying powder products, its taste delicious, nutritious, if via maillard biochemical reactions can be formed with seafood, beef, chicken and pork smell flavor spices, get the favour of people, Europe and the United States had flavours replaced with yeast monosodium glutamate. China's MSG output reached 1.1 million tons, while the yeast MSG is less than 10,000 tons. It's growing at 60 percent a year. Foreign enterprises of yeast monosodium glutamate have achieved an annual output of 30,000-60,000 tons. Yeast monosodium glutamate is a new generation of high - tech compound seasoning with great potential.

Jul.10, 2018