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About Beer Yeast
- Jul 07, 2018 -

Yeast used in brewing beer. Most of them are different species of sac-charomyces cerevisiae. E. c. Hansen (1883) began to isolate and cultivate yeast and use it in brewing beer. The yeast below the Carlsberg brewing institute in Denmark is well known. Other famous beer yeasts include Germany's Saaz type of yeast under the yeast, Britain, Japan and other countries above the yeast. The cell morphology was the same as that of other cultured yeast, which was a nearly spherical ellipsoid, different from that of wild yeast. Beer yeast is a typical upper yeast used in beer production. In addition to beer, alcohol and other beverage liquor, also can ferment bread. Bacteria are high in vitamin and protein, and can be used as food, medicine and feed yeast. Cell pigment C, nucleic acid, glutathione, coagulant, coenzyme A and adenosine triphosphate can also be extracted from them. In the microbiological determination of vitamin, beer yeast is used to determine biotin, pantothenic acid, thiamine, pyridol and inositol.

The colonies of brewer's yeast in AGAR medium of wort wort were milky white, shiny, flat and neat at the edges. The asexual reproduction mainly consists of germination. Can ferment glucose, maltose, galactose and sucrose, can not ferment lactose and melitose.

According to the ratio of cell length and width, beer yeast can be divided into three groups. The first group of cells for more, ovoid, or ovoid, cells long ╱ wide < 2), mainly used for alcohol fermentation, fermented drinks wine and bread production. The second group of cells is given priority to with oval and long oval shape, also has a short round or oval cells (cells long ╱ wide material 2). This kind of yeast is mainly used to make wine and wine. It can also be used in beer, distilled liquor and yeast production. A third group of cells to oblong (cell long ╱ wide > 2). This kind of yeast is more resistant to high osmotic pressure and high concentration of salt.

Jul.07, 2018