Organic Selenium Feed Additives

Organic Selenium Feed Additives

Selenium yeast, produced by fermenting Saccharomyces cerevisiae in a selenium-rich media, is a recognized source of organic food-form selenium.

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Product Details
Main Function
Organic selenium feed additive is a necessary microelement for the human body, having very import physiological function. Selenium Enriched Yeast can prevent and suppress tumor, anti-aging, maintain the normal function of the cardiovascular system, prevention of the emergence of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease.

Organic selenium feed additive can reduce the effectiveness of a liver, stomach, lung, prostate cancer and colorectal cancer incidence rate. Selenium is called "protection against liver necrosis factor," is to stop the liver necrosis factor.

1. Can be used as health food and medicine raw materials, such as anti-aging, anti-tumor and other products.
2. Can be used as fortified food in the nutrient selenium strengthening of raw materials, such as powdered milk, biscuits, instant noodles, drinks, etc.
3. Others need to strengthen the nutrients selenium products such as cosmetics, etc.


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