Feed Ingredients For Animals

Feed Ingredients For Animals

Xinghe Yeast offers active dry yeast functions as feeding ingredients for animals.Active Feed Dry Yeast Is a Probiotic Feed additive, Produced by using a selected yeast strain of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, adding various nutrients and other growth factors.

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Definition of feed active dry yeast (saccharomyces cerevisiae) GB/T 22547-2008: with molasses and starch as the main raw materials, saccharomyces cerevisiae were cultured through liquid fermentation and ventilated, and the yeast viable bacteria were isolated from its fermentation mash. After dehydration and drying, the viable bacteria products could be directly added to the feed.Gastric feeding with high active dry yeast is to improve animal nutrition and health, and approved by the animal repeatedly used to optimizing the yeast species, can be directly the safety of feeding animals of yeast species, currently applicable animals have special pig highly active dry yeast, highly active dry yeast for ruminants, highly active dry yeast for poultry, aquatic animals for highly active dry yeast and fur for highly active dry yeast.






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