China Whole Sale Inactive Dry Brewers Yeast Powder

China Whole Sale Inactive Dry Brewers Yeast Powder

Brewer yeast powder is rich in B vitamins, various vitamins and minerals, up to 45% of the protein, contains complete amino acid group, is the best source of quality protein.Beer yeast powder is also rich in dietary fiber and helps ease constipation.

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Product Details

Dalian Xinghe brewer yeast powder is made of high quality beer yeast which is processed by autolysis, debitter and deodorization.It's a high quality single cell protein.Rich in a variety of essential amino acids, B vitamins, nucleotides, polypeptides, and yeast cell wall polysaccharides.Good liquidity and stability.No carrier, high temperature resistant, granule can be made.It has a good ability to induce food, and has a very good application prospect and development space in many aspects, such as promoting growth of animals, improving the body's resistance to diseases and substituting part of antibiotics.Yeast powder can be used as a substitute for fish meal.

Product features:

1. Strong food attraction, which can enhance the palatability of Suckling pig and aquatic feed;

2. Improve the microecological system of the digestive tract of livestock and poultry, promote the proliferation of beneficial bacteria and reduce the incidence of gastrointestinal diseases;

3. Rich in bacterial protein and functional peptides, high digestion and absorption rate, which is helpful to improve feed utilization rate;

4. Rich in the active ingredients such as vitamin B group, nucleotide, active peptide and immune polysaccharide, it can significantly improve the non-specific immunity and enhance the disease resistance of animals.

5. No carrier, high temperature resistance and granulation.

Sense officer: light yellow or yellowish brown powder with a yeast characteristic aroma

Ingredients guarantee: protein is more than 45%, water is no more than 8.0%, ash is no more than 10.0%

brewer yeast powder packing paper bag

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