Discount Feed Additive Dried Yeast Beer

Discount Feed Additive Dried Yeast Beer

feed additive dried yeast powder is a kind of ideal protein source for livestock and poultry, which is made from 100% pure beer yeast through processing such as removing impurity and drying.

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Product Details

Dried yeast powder contains nearly 50 kinds of nutrients, with protein content up to 45% and a balanced proportion of amino acids. It is rich in B vitamins and micronutrients, especially with immunofunctional ss-glucan and functional oligosaccharides.The product has no resistance, no residue, no pollution and toxic side effect, and is a kind of natural, green and efficient protein raw material for livestock and poultry in the 21st century.

Product features:

1. Strong natural food attraction, which can enhance the palatability of animals.

2. Rich in unknown growth factors of UGF, the effect of promoting growth is very good.

3. Good natural bonding performance can increase the adhesiveness of feed.

4. Pure yeast protein and carbohydrate can reduce the amount of other nutritional protein added.

5. The unique cell wall of yeast can improve the animals' non-specific immunity and enhance their resistance to disease and stress.

6. High quality yeast protein can significantly promote lactation.

7. Promote the development of immune organs, strengthen the function of the immune system, and improve the animals' adaptability to the environment and anti-stress ability

8. Reduce intestinal pathogenic bacteria, promote the reproduction of beneficial bacteria, regulate the balance of animal digestive tract microecological system and improve intestinal function

9. It has a strong adsorption effect on mycotoxins in feed

10. Stimulate animal endocrine, increase food intake and improve feed utilization rate, thus promoting growth and increasing weight gain

11. Prevent and assist the treatment of diseases, promote animal rehabilitation and reduce the dosage of antibiotics

Main ingredients:

Crude protein:≥ 45%

Moisture content: ≤8%


Standard: 25kg double layer compound packing.

Storage: closed, cool and dry place.

Warranty period: 12 months

Notice: use it as soon as possible after opening. Seal the packing bag after use.

This product has good palatability, low cost and good economic efficiency. It can replace some feed protein raw materials such as fish meal, soybean meal, meat meal and blood meal.A variety of experiments were conducted on cattle, sheep, pigs, rabbits, chickens, ducks, fish, etc., with good results without adverse reactions.It is a rare microbial feed protein raw material in the feed industry.

brewer yeast powder packing paper bag

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