Beer Yeast Powder On Sale

Beer Yeast Powder On Sale

Beer yeast powder-brewer yeast powder is added to animal feed, it can increase the palatability of the feed and thus accelerate the growth rate of the animal.

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Product Details

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I. Physical Characteristics:

It has a pure aroma of yeast, a light yellow powder.

II. Product Specifications:

Protein: 40%Min, Moisture: 9%Max, Ash: 9%Max.

III. Main components:

High quality protein, microelement, vitamins B, yeast flavor substance somatomedin.

IV. Product Features:

It is rich in high quality protein, which can make up the lack of protein and vitamins for normal feeds, can help digestion, growth promotion, and improving of immunity.

V. Product Special Function:

A. It has the unique delicious smells of yeast, enhances the palatability of animal feeds;

B. It is rich in nutritional components like yeast protein, Vitamins B, nucleic acid and so on, which can improve the growth property of livestock, poultry and aquatic animals, raise the rate of laying and improve meat quality;

C. It has abundant in various somatomedins, has a better effect of growth promotion;

D. It provides high quality protein, which can partially replace fish meal, and make up the shortcomings of the difficult control of hygienic index of animal resource protein.

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