Beer Yeast Feed Grade Additives

Beer Yeast Feed Grade Additives

beer yeast feed grade additives are 100% Saccharomyces Cerevisae.

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beer yeast feed grade additives


1.     Physical property: Pure Flavor of yeast, light yellow powder
2.     Specification: Crude Protein 41-48%,Moisture≤7%,Ash≤7.5%
3.     Main components: High Quality Protein, Trace Element, B Vitamins, Factor with Yeast Flavor
4.     Product performance: high quantity protein can make up the inadequacy of protein and Vitamin in traditional feed which is helpful for digestion, growth and immune function.
5.     Function:
(1)The special flavor of yeast can increase the palatability of animal feed.
(2)High quality protein, B Vitamins and Nucleic Acid can improve the property of livestock and aquatic, also can increase the laying rate and meat quality. Lots of factor can nhance the effect for growth.
   (3)Replace a proportion of fish powder to control the hygienic index of animal protein
6. Dosage: special animal:2-10%  ruminants:3-10% aquatic:2-10% pig:2-10%  livestock:2-10%

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