Feeding Active Dry Yeast China Supplier

Feeding Active Dry Yeast China Supplier

We offer feeding active dry yeast in different packages 5kgX4/carton and 25kg/kraft bag.Protein≥45%,Active Cells≥18billion/g, Nucleic acide≥5%

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Feed active dry yeast (saccharomyces cerevisiae) is made from molasses and starch as the main raw materials, which is cultivated by liquid fermentation and ventilated, and is separated from the yeast viable bacteria.Highly active dry yeast is actually in a "hibernating state" and is a living organism that, when exposed to water and sugar, wakes up and reproduces.In order to maintain its activity in production, modern biotechnology and advanced equipment are needed to dry yeast cells into products with moisture below 5%.After a strict drying process, dry yeast packed in vacuum or filled with inert gas can maintain its activity.The number of viable yeast cells is greater than or equal to 20 billion /g, and water is less than or equal to 6.





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